Creative Rebellion

When a child turns fourteen (my child), she starts to come into her own rebellion.  She starts to notice her own mind and begins  her own journey and there’s nothing we can do as parents to deter her from some form of experimentation.

After surviving two older children who are now in their twenties I have a little experience with what I like to call, “Creative Rebellion!”  So we sigh, and shake our heads because we know in picking our battles…hair is the easiest win.  Hair is in fact, a card in your pocket because surrendering to hair rebellion is so much easier than tattoos and piercings and bad-boy boyfriends.

No longer a sweet little baby hanging on to my pants leg but a curious, creative and assertive young woman who is seeking to find her way.  Along that way she is fierce in heart and wants the world to see her choices, her opinion and her deepest thoughts.

I personally love this age because it’s very much like I get to see all the raising I’ve done in her and the energy I’ve given.  I get to see the independence and voice that I’ve always told her was most important.  No worries or fears I fully understand it’s a coming of age.  Hair is a healthy compromise for any parent.  It grows out, satisfies her rebellion and makes her feel free.  So my advice to all parents is simply to surrender the hair…be supportive of their creativity and take lots of pictures to show them when they are thirty.  Most of all…don’t sweat the small stuff cause bigger things will come that will make pink hair look like baking cupcakes, lol.

In closing, she’s a lot of work that’s no doubt but she’s beautiful.  More than that she’s fearless and I hope her roads take her where she will  always feel free and expressive and she will support a strong sisterhood.  Pretty pink hair and all.  🙂



About Tess Star

Home Stager, Re-designer and travel-blogger writing about all things creative and fun. I love to travel, read the stars and create. I have a best friend/ dog named Charlie and he comforts my soul a lot. I have raised humans to be extraordinary in heart and there are many artist in my family. I dream all the time and I love funny people, good theatre and moving music. xoxo

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