Tidy that laundry


I honestly do not know how a laundry area gets so cluttered up unless it’s because this room connects the garage to the kitchen.  On way in or out the room becomes a total catch all for every scarf, every shoe and every thing else that gets flung off and missing in action.

This was such a simple and inexpensive fix.  You can purchase these fold up containers at any Wal-Mart or Dollar Tree.  They are perfect for this particular space holding light bulbs, sheets and linens.



About Tess Star

Home Stager, Re-designer and travel-blogger writing about all things creative and fun. I love to travel, read the stars and create. I have a best friend/ dog named Charlie and he comforts my soul a lot. I have raised humans to be extraordinary in heart and there are many artist in my family. I dream all the time and I love funny people, good theatre and moving music. xoxo

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