Are there not days where we just are like…wtf?   We don’t necessarily wanna slit our wrist to be heard and we know the energy will pass but we crave an outlet that allows the echo of that release?  Yap, that’s where I am today and even though it’s Friday I just have this thick energy that without exposure, it simply will not dissipate.   Below is a little written therapy from me for anyone who has been in the same place.  It’s not my finest work but it’s honest and it’s free-thinking to just expose… Peace!

Why does it have to get so hard right now?

When I’m trying to be somebody, to rise up.

Is it just me or can the whole world feel the weight of itself?

How do people dance dispite the chaos?  When there are more shadows than sunlight and you don’t know who is for you or against you.  

When people you thought would always be there find other roads in opposite directions.  In your heart it’s good but so different that old familiar fear comes back to paralyze your every move. 

Can I carry the weight of it all and still be somebody after all? 

How can somebody care one moment then not all?

Comes out of the walls and integrity is so far from is all.  

Why do shadows come with no warning call?

Can I move this energy?  Can I dance in the shadows?

Who hears my call?

When no one cares what you say and you become like background music except corrected with every note, eyes open, soul is still.

Can anyone hear me?

Help me to stand in this great fall.  I will be something after all. 




About Tess Star

Home Stager, Re-designer and travel-blogger writing about all things creative and fun. I love to travel, read the stars and create. I have a best friend/ dog named Charlie and he comforts my soul a lot. I have raised humans to be extraordinary in heart and there are many artist in my family. I dream all the time and I love funny people, good theatre and moving music. xoxo

2 Responses

  1. Tracey

    Beautiful…. Thank you. Everything will be okay. Positive energy surround me through Everything because in the end I will continue to be best me I can be

    Love and serenity

    Liked by 1 person

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