Happy Easter weekend recap

As you know it was a three day weekend and Good Friday started off with major home projects.  I’ve barely had time to post anything but so happy to have had this time to get so much done.   Here is just taste of my wonderful  Easter weekend.

We started with the backsplash in the kitchen.

Then I tackled the major job of painting my dining room including the trim.  This is my before and after.

Hello Easter with the family at the Battlefield in Ft. Oglethrope, Ga.  A simple little picnic to see my nieces and nephews, my mama, brother and little sister.  Love them so so much!

I sincerely hope your Easter was a great time and in remembrance of the great love of Christ.  Now let us go bravely and creatively into April with new projects!!  Xoxo


About Tess Star

Home Stager, Re-designer and travel-blogger writing about all things creative and fun. I love to travel, read the stars and create. I have a best friend/ dog named Charlie and he comforts my soul a lot. I have raised humans to be extraordinary in heart and there are many artist in my family. I dream all the time and I love funny people, good theatre and moving music. xoxo

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