Dollar tree centerpiece 

I needed a centerpiece for an otherwise neutral room but just for staging purposes.  Going the cheapest route possible on a rainey evening I headed to the local Dollar Tree.

I am usually not your fake flower kinda girl but I needed this to last through the selling of my house.  As you can see the flowers for just a $1.00 a piece actually look beautiful.

Do you know how hard it is to find a white vase, on the cheap and last minute?  Practically impossible so did the next best thing and used some craft paint I had in stock.

To speed things up a bit I used a hairdryer.  Acrylic craft paint dries pretty quickly.

There you go. Make sure u anchore the arrangement to the table so it doesn’t look like its floating.

Thanks so much for viewing.  There are so many things you can do to stage your house or just decorate for hardly nothing.  Enjoy!



About Tess Star

Home Stager, Re-designer and travel-blogger writing about all things creative and fun. I love to travel, read the stars and create. I have a best friend/ dog named Charlie and he comforts my soul a lot. I have raised humans to be extraordinary in heart and there are many artist in my family. I dream all the time and I love funny people, good theatre and moving music. xoxo

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