Apartment hacks

I have been away  for a while.  I sold my house and moved out of state.   While my husband and I are looking for a new home we are dwelling in an apartment.  Talk about drab and boring!  I had to come up with some ideas that give the place a little pizaz. This […]

My kitchen makeover 

     How many of us dislike a galley kitchen? 🙋🏻 That would be me!  Nonetheless adding a backsplash has been something we’ve been meaning to do since we moved in.  Now it’s time to leave so checking this off the list is great!        Before the tile this kitchen looked so disconnected. […]

Dollar tree centerpiece 

I needed a centerpiece for an otherwise neutral room but just for staging purposes.  Going the cheapest route possible on a rainey evening I headed to the local Dollar Tree. I am usually not your fake flower kinda girl but I needed this to last through the selling of my house.  As you can see […]

Weekend full of spring 

It’s been so nice getting our home ready to list.  I’ve gotten to do some pretty fun projects all along the way.  There are none though, as pleasant as preparing the outside and watching the yard wake up to spring. Entry ways are near and dear to my heart.  Fun to do and working in […]

Entry way makeover

  Everything is a beautiful work in progress.  That’s the truth for everything.  As I’m going through the motions of getting my house ready to sell I keep telling myself that.  It’s my mantra as I enter the front door everyday and when I leave the next morning.  I really want to leave this beautiful […]

My first open house

Many of you know I have been working toward my HSR (home staging and re-design) certification. Part of the work is to completely saturate my brain in the industry.  I will be working with realtors and different housing companies so getting a feel is very important.   There is also the fact that I’m selling […]

Tidy that laundry

  I honestly do not know how a laundry area gets so cluttered up unless it’s because this room connects the garage to the kitchen.  On way in or out the room becomes a total catch all for every scarf, every shoe and every thing else that gets flung off and missing in action. This […]