Apartment hacks

I have been away  for a while.  I sold my house and moved out of state.   While my husband and I are looking for a new home we are dwelling in an apartment.  Talk about drab and boring!  I had to come up with some ideas that give the place a little pizaz. This […]

My kitchen makeover 

     How many of us dislike a galley kitchen? 🙋🏻 That would be me!  Nonetheless adding a backsplash has been something we’ve been meaning to do since we moved in.  Now it’s time to leave so checking this off the list is great!        Before the tile this kitchen looked so disconnected. […]

A little garden 

Recycling old things is kind of a hobby.  Maybe it comes from being a kid in the late 70’s on a time where we had to make up our own toys.  Maybe it just is makes me feel better to not junk up the earth so much.  So today we saved an old dresser that […]

Weekend full of spring 

It’s been so nice getting our home ready to list.  I’ve gotten to do some pretty fun projects all along the way.  There are none though, as pleasant as preparing the outside and watching the yard wake up to spring. Entry ways are near and dear to my heart.  Fun to do and working in […]

Art Day

Who knows what I will think up next…playing today in paint. Oh…the things I tell myself…  Be good to yourself today and everyday.  We are here for just a little while. Give, learn, be… CREATE on the outside, what is inside.  Give way to your passion and be exposed. Xoxo

Creative Rebellion

When a child turns fourteen (my child), she starts to come into her own rebellion.  She starts to notice her own mind and begins  her own journey and there’s nothing we can do as parents to deter her from some form of experimentation. After surviving two older children who are now in their twenties I […]

Playing with Polka Dots

A bare bedroom with white walls can seem a little boring for two years in a row.  Not wanting to make a huge change to the walls at the time, I opted for these lovely metallic gold stickers that peel right off when your done. I purchased these wall stickers at Hobby Lobby for just […]